Why We Love Spanish Tiles

Why We Love Spanish Tiles

You may have seen many examples of beautiful Spanish tiles, but what exactly are Spanish tiles and why are they so coveted among antique tile enthusiasts everywhere? Spanish tiles are actually a broad term with a wide range of options dating back to classic Spanish and Mexican origin. If you are among the many looking for Spanish tile, you are not alone. Here are some reasons why we love Spanish tiles.

A Unique Addition to Any Home or Business

Spanish tiles are very versatile and add a unique quality to any home or business. Traditional Spanish tiles are not mass produced like other forms of tiles available from modern stores. They offer a truly unique aspect to your home that cannot be matched by mass produced tile options in big name home improvement stores.

Well Worn Look

Part of the attraction to antique Spanish tiles comes from their naturally weathered aged patina, gained over many years of sealing and use. Durable Spanish tiles have been used for centuries and therefore, authentic Spanish tiles maintain evidence of wear throughout their lives. Installing beautiful Spanish tiles in your home is like bringing the past back into focus. History and heritage of artisan craftsmanship you can view every day.

Hand Crafted

Art is found everywhere, but it is difficult to think of tiles as pieces of art. However, Spanish tiles are among the more unique options for modern homes as they are artisan hand crafted. Due to the individual nature of hand crafted encaustic Spanish tiles, no two are ever exactly alike with the individual character embedded in each. This is not something that can be said about modern tile options that are simply mass produced by machines.

Hard to Find, Unless You Know Where to Look

When renovating your home or simply adding a splash back, new wall panel or want a completely new look floor in your home, it can be very difficult to find true authentic Spanish tiles. Some manufacturers mimic the look of Spanish tile with great success. Their crafty nature enables them easily to persuade some customers into thinking they are receiving authentic antique tiles. The ones that lose in this game are ultimately the customers who can go on thinking for years that they have true Spanish tiles. The key is to find a reputable company to get your Spanish tiles from.

Where to Look

We not only provide authentic reclaimed antique Spanish cement tiles but have a wide range of other handcrafted cement tiles as well as lime paint to create a complete style in your home. Trust Maitland & Poate for all your tiling needs. Tiles of all styles, for all homes, and all types of décor.

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