Why Are Spanish Tiles So Popular Across London?

Flooring options today are seemingly endless. From concrete to hardwood, you can find a wealth of texture and materials of many descriptions to floor a home or business. However, standing tall above all other forms of flooring is classic reclaimed antique Spanish tiles. These tiles have taken the city of London by storm and can be found everywhere. What is their secret and why are they so popular? Here we will take look at why the popularity has becoming a leading style trend and why Spanish tiles continue to be increasingly found in many homes across London.

Moisture in the Air

London is known for rain, fog, and a myriad of other weather-related conditions. On average, London receives around 164 days of precipitation each year totaling 564 mm of annual rainfall. London is full of moisture and so flooring options such as wood can over time buckle, split, and soak up moisture content from the atmosphere even when properly sealed. Spanish tile is a completely different offering. The hard-baked structure of the materials used in reclaimed antique tiles allow them to be highly resistant to water penetration. They have the added benefit of being sealed and maintained throughout their history since being handcrafted, so this allows them to be far more hardy than new cement tiles which tend to be porous in quality. Once the tiles are installed and sealed this will create a water-resistant barrier for your floor and an environment that will not buckle or harbor mold and mildew. That fact alone is worth its weight in gold for a city that produces a lot of rain.

Lasts a Lifetime

Homeowners do not look to refurbish and renovate their flooring frequently. Flooring is expected to last for quite a few years, but unfortunately, some flooring materials must be replaced more often. Reclaimed antique Spanish tiles are among the more unique flooring varieties as they can withstand high traffic areas, heavy footfall and both hot and cold environments. Spanish reclaimed tiles are hand made from traditional mixtures of cement, natural pigments and marble dust which is why even ancient buildings floored with Spanish tiles are testimony to their hard-wearing qualities and they still proudly display their heritage and wonderful aged patina. Reclaimed Spanish tiles have become increasingly sort after throughout the London area for their ability to last for longer than the home itself in many cases. Spanish tiles are more than just a flooring choice, they are a lifetime investment for your home or business.

A Unique Flooring Choice

With the overall popularity of reclaimed cement Spanish tiles in London, one would believe that the flooring choice would be less than unique. However, a wide variety of colours, hues and patterns offer the opportunity to own an exclusive artisan design in just a limited number which makes your flooring a real talking point and exclusive to your home. What is different about reclaimed Spanish tiles as opposed to the new machined tiles is the traditional hand-crafted method and the beauty of the tiles ability to withstand many environments due to its previous lifespan of care. Imagine having your floor covered in individual pieces of artwork. Each tile in not uniform and remains minutely different from the last adding to the overall unique quality of the floor. No two traditional Spanish tiles are ever exactly alike.

Accent Tiles

Certain Spanish tile patterns and designs have been lost to time. It is unfortunate when a particular pattern is lost to time or destroyed, but certain tiles, that have avoided disaster may be used as a focus accent to add to your interior design scheme. Reclaimed Spanish tiles make for excellent splash of colour or pattern with a splash back or feature configuration in the kitchen, cloakroom or bathroom. Even if you cannot get the entire floor done in the pattern of choice, always ask about the possibility of accent tiles.

A Luxurious Feel

One of the best things Londoners enjoy about reclaimed Spanish tiles is their luxurious feel. Everyone wants their home to reflect their personality and Spanish tiles add both a unique and air of luxury that simply cannot be matched by other flooring options. Friends and families visiting will marvel at beautifully crafted, aged patina of luxurious antique Spanish tiles in any London home.

Temperature Control

Reclaimed cement encaustic and terracotta Spanish tiles are not merely beautiful to look at. We have already discussed their moisture resistant capabilities, but did you know, these ancient Spanish tiles can also help regulate the temperature in your home? Unlike other flooring options, reclaimed heritage Spanish tiles remain remarkably cool even on the hottest of days. So, when it’s hot and muggy in London, your flooring will remain cool and dry.

Maitland & Poate

If you are impressed by how unique and stylish reclaimed Spanish tiles are, you will need to know where to get the very best. At Maitland & Poate, we strive to offer the top reclaimed Spanish tiles for our customers. These tiles have been sourced personally by us from Southern Spain, reclaimed and restored. We search out and rescue flooring and tiles from ruined Cortijo’s, Paradors and ancient buildings for their beauty to live on in the homes or businesses throughout the London area. Take advantage of our knowledge of all tiles and our emphasis on reclaimed artisan Spanish tiles. We have what you have been looking for and invite you to view our online gallery today. Whether you are wanting to tile a whole home or just looking for the perfect accent tiles for any room, Maitland & Poate is the only name to remember.

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