Why are Reclaimed Tiles so Popular in 2019?

2019 is the year for reclaimed and the revitalisation of products and trends which may have been forgotten; here they are again resurfacing. Both artistically as well as architecturally, there has been a focus on using reclaimed items and upcycling to make something new and invigorating. Perhaps it is the DIY movement which has spawned the birth of reclaimed tiling, or it could be that more people are branching out of the traditionalist interior design and wishing to have heritage yet artist look. Either way, reclaimed tiles are continuing to grow in popularity. Here are a few key reasons why we believe people are so excited.

1. Beauty and Durability

Reclaimed tiles, specifically reclaimed Terracotta and encaustic cement tiles are very durable. People tend to want to invest in things that will last. No one really wants to go out and purchase flooring or splash out on wall material which will need to be replaced in a year or two. Those who are using reclaimed tiles for construction purposes want to have flooring that they can walk on and enliven a room; one which has minimal maintenance, a longevity of life and of course an aesthetic that reflects their own personality and style of home.

2. The Design

Freedom of expression is the second reason why people love reclaimed vintage tiles. There is a uniqueness which can be found in using tiles both for interior design as well as exterior elements. Because of the spectrum of colors and patterns available, the personality of the history and heritage of the tile shines through. Vibrant colors and long-lost designs and patterns reveal its tiles character. The variety is endless from subtle monochromatic shades and delicate patterns to enhance any interior. It is this freedom in the design process and the diversity of the patterns which make them not only desirable on a personal level, but acquirable on the supply and demand level.

3. Consciously Environmental

Various studies have shown that people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Instead of investing in manufactured goods which have an adverse effect upon the world, people are seeking other methods, reclaiming tiles being one of those methods. The reclaimed tile has a low energy resource as the tiles are salvaged from other buildings. Additionally, people are more prone to use these tiles as it makes a conscious statement to the recycling and reusing of resources.

4. The History

Nothing showcases a house like a focal piece that can be discussed. Tiles, specifically Spanish encaustic reclaimed tiles have a story behind them. The heritage and the journey of the tile can be as much a part of the house as the deign that the tile brings. Depending on the age of the tile, you may find that it is better to have it framed on the wall then trodden underfoot. And, when someone asks you why you have a patterned tile in a frame, you can say “that tile is over 400 years old”. As tile dates back to ancient times, it is quite possible to find and reclaim a tile from any era or history.

5. A sound investment

Reclaimed tiles are a sound investment, which is one reason that there has been an increase in the desire for them. From the architectural construction perspective, using reclaimed tiles as flooring is more cost effective than having to purchase new manufactured tile, having that shipped to you, and then having the install. Usually reclaimed tiles can be acquired at a fraction of the cost to new options and installed for about the same price as modern flooring.

Artistically, reclaimed tiles are an investment in art which will last. The colours do not fade easily. Some tiles last for hundreds of years before showing any sign of fading or deterioration. They are easily restored should there be the need for minor restoration. And, if you have reclaimed vintage patterned tiles, you have something that is one of a kind. Even tiles which are broken are desirable. Why? Because the tiles can be used to make mosaics and other unique works of art which will equally last. Reclaimed tile is one of the few mediums which acts in this way. There are not many others which can create something of value once the primary medium is “destroyed” or damaged.

Overall, reclaimed tiles are more of a movement that coincides with today’s culture than it is anything related to a field. Whether you are refurbishing, renovating, newly constructing your house, looking for an art project, or seeking something of historical value, reclaimed tiles can provide you with something of value that lasts a lifetime and a second chapter to add to the history of that tile.