What to Consider When Selecting the Right Lime Paints for Your Home

Painting your home can be one of the most stressful activities when decorating. One wrong paint choice can cost a lot of money and a lot of time to fix. If you choose to go too bold with your colour choice your home may feel a bit too loud and bold and you may soon tire of your rash decision. If you choose to go too bland, your home will lack appeal and can feel outdated. Finding the healthy balance between bold and muted can be difficult, but thankfully, there is one paint choice that perfectly blends these two attributes together. For those looking for a fresh approach to painting their home in 2020, consider lime paints. Here are just a few things to consider when choosing the right lime paint for your home.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Paint is not always thought of as environmentally friendly. It is often loaded with chemicals that are hazardous to breath and generally do nothing positive for the environment. Lime paints are a bit different. These specialist paints have been used for thousands of years leading back to the Roman Empire. Natural pigments were mixed with lime to produce a high-quality paint. The same notion is used today. Lime paints do not have any solvents or chemicals, so they are ideal for those desiring to help the environment in any way they can.

Antique Look

The distressed or shabby-chic finish for interiors is a style and texture that many homeowners desire, without making their homes appear run down or neglected. This ‘aged’ style can be difficult to achieve, but when accomplished gives your home added character and a heritage appearance. Almost a weathered appeal but remarkably fresh and clean. Lime paints are the ideal paint choice for this type of decorating. Lime paints are not completely the same pigment throughout as modern paint. There is a unique texture and antique quality to them that simply cannot be matched by other paint forms.

Let the Walls Breathe

That seems a little odd, but walls do need to breath. Modern vinyl paint choices cover walls and ceilings beautifully, but do not allow the walls to breath. This might not seem like an issue if you live in an arid dry climate, but for those of us who live with changing seasons of cold and damp as well as dry and warm, vinyl paint can peal from excess moisture.

You will not have this glaring issue with Lime Paints. The natural porous texture of Lime Paints allows painted surfaces to breath. They can easily move with the changing of weather without the risk of cracking the paint and chipping away.  

Muted Tones

Professional designers may have years of experience and know exactly how to design an interior space. Unfortunately, the average homeowner is not a professional designer. Therefore, they must learn design and colour matching on their own. Standard paints come in a range of colours from subdued shades to vibrant bold colours. One wrong move and your walls become an ominous focal point to the entire space.

Muted tones often work best when designing any space and that is why Lime paints are the ideal choice for any home and easy to apply regardless of your interior design experience level. Lime Paints maintain muted tones yet saturate the space with spectacular colour. Choosing Lime paints gives an infinite choice and ability to mix shades to suit your desired tone. The finish is also flexible as you can apply as many layers for the ultimate textured surface. Apply a thinner coat for a whitewashed style or several layers for a Venetian plaster textured look. If you want an emphasis on colour with a wealth of possibilities, Lime Paints are ideal.

Healthier Paint

We have already discussed the fact that Lime paints are environmentally friendly and made of natural materials. This makes them the ideal choice for those that may be sensitive to chemicals. VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) paint are in the decorators and particularly in demand when decorating children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

Lime paints are natural defenders against bacteria. Unlike other forms of paint that seem to attract dust, debris, and bacteria, Lime paints keep these things away. If you have a family member that is sensitive to certain chemicals, mold, dust allergens or other harmful elements, Lime paints help with guard against these allergies to maintain a healthier home for all.

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