What Are Encaustic Tiles and What Do You Need To Know?

Walking into a home with floors or walls featuring exceptionally beautiful handcrafted antique tiles is amazing. These tiles stand out far above the mass-produced standard tile options available today, but there is one type of tile that has recently made a comeback. Encaustic tiles are quickly making their way into homes throughout the world and those looking to renovate, refurbish, build new homes or business premises should take note.

What Are Encaustic Tiles?

Encaustic tiles are remarkable in design and pattern and very durable. They have been a staple throughout Europe for many years and date back in our own history to Victorian times.  Recently they have undergone a new lease of life and rediscovery in terms of interior design popularity. Essentially, encaustic tiles are tiles that have been inlaid with individual pigment pieces to create intricate patterns rather than the design being pattern stamped or painted onto as with porcelain or ceramic tiles.

How Are Encaustic Tiles Made?

Making an encaustic tile is an intricate process. Tiles are made from cement and each different part of the pattern is placed into a design mold and then pressed together before being baked in ovens. The mold is made upside down to ensure the final product is smooth on the top of the piece. Porcelain, powdered marble, cement, and various colours are mixed together to create the right shades to bring each design to life.

Why Are Encaustic Tiles Trending?

The artistry that goes into each encaustic tile is the largest draw to customers as is the appeal to have a floor or wall tile that is unique in design and not massed produced. Encaustic tiles must be made individually as there is no easy way to mass produce the product. They are also made in smaller limited batches, so finding a unique pattern is always an option. Many encaustic tile suppliers can also take special bespoke orders for those who crave a true ‘one of a kind’ pattern.

Another reason encaustic tiles are so popular among home and business owners is the durability factor. Unlike standard porcelain or ceramic hand painted tiles, the pattern is laid into the structure of the tile, so there is no risk of wear and tear distorting the pattern or design.

Additionally, encaustic tiles have received ample attention due to social media platforms. Traditionally, encaustic tiles were difficult to find as artisans were not mainstream large businesses, but smaller independents with a passion for fine quality tile work. Social media has given these smaller entities a much larger voice and a global platform to display their tile options to the world. The eye-catching tiles have become remarkably popular as people demand more individuality than mass-produced tile options available today.

Should You Consider Encaustic Tiles?

When remodeling or building a home or office, you will be presented with many options for floor and wall tiles, but consider the fact that you will want your space to stand out, reflect your personality or that of your business. Simply trusting in a mass-produced option from a big-name home improvement store can be an inexpensive option, but what are you really buying? True, you can replace broken tiles easier with these mass-produced options, but their true unique quality is never an option.

With encaustic tiles, you can create a personal choice and individual statement. Colours and features in the patterns will provide endless configuration options, so they are ideal for any space.  If you truly want to have a unique space, encaustic tiles are the way to go.

Are Encaustic Tiles Expensive?

Despite some business’ prices, not all encaustic tiles are expensive and being a specialist product, the benefits of encaustic tiles far outweigh the additional expense. Remember, you will be using the space for many years to come. Investing in high quality encaustic tiles give you the option of a highly durable material that will outlast most other tile options. Encaustic tiles can also add significant value to your home or commercial space as the new owners will have less to do upon moving in and adding value to the space is always a bonus.

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