Mesmeric Patterns to Style Your Kitchen

Kitchens are becoming meeting places for families more than ever before. The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and that high honour deserves immense respect. Kitchen tiles offer a lot of style and durability to this hard-working room; however the design of those tiles does make quite a different. Here at Maitland and Poate, we have many antique reclaimed tile choices for that all-important room, try these mesmeric patterns to style your kitchen beautifully.

Handmade Reclaimed Caracol Tile

Colour choices are vast for kitchens and if your style is more eclectic and vibrant, finding a way to integrate bright colours into your kitchen can be quite a challenge. The handmade reclaimed encaustic tile Caracol is an excellent solution to this problem. The tile remains mute, but still offers vibrant yellows and reds with a distinct black pattern outline on a white background. It can be just the answer when adding colour accents without being overpowering. The additional beauty of this tile is that it is ideal for creating a decorative border around the kitchen or as accent feature tiles. The design is primarily on one edge of the tile, so creating a patterned layout or border would be easy. Caracol can also be used in a pattern configuration to add interest to your kitchen floor in a variety of ways.

Handmade Reclaimed Corona Cenefas Tile

Green and blue shades tend to give a calming effect to any room, and this is very important in a kitchen. Even for the most experienced chef, cooking for a family can sometimes become stressful. Take the time to add beautiful green gold and white soft hues throughout your kitchen with our handmade reclaimed Corona Cenefas tile. This tile features a vintage green background with dusty gold patterns and russet tones. The pattern features a historic design emphasizing a bygone elegance and evoking a calming feeling that our busy lives and busy kitchens can all benefit from.

Handmade Reclaimed Patchwork Tile

Patchwork is becoming more popular today and thankfully, this is an area where reclaimed tiles from Maitland & Poate shine brightly. Reclaimed tiles are often difficult to find in a large quantity. In the case of a limited availability the tiles are generally used as a design feature as an additional accent, splashback or centerpiece as opposed to the entire surface of a floor. This is sometimes limiting, but at Maitland & Poate, we offer a beautiful solution. Our Handmade reclaimed patchwork tiles offer a random assortment of beautiful designs and colours to create a unique variety of patterns and styles. A personalised display in a patchwork effect creates a truly unique finish to any kitchen.

Handmade Reclaimed Pato Tile

Kitchens are one room which needs to be hardwearing due to the heavy footfall and endless use we put them through. Apart from the bathroom, they are the most used room in the entire home. That notion makes antique tiles the best solution for kitchens everywhere as they have already proven their durability throughout years of previous use. If you have an exceptionally busy kitchen, consider Handmade Reclaimed Pato Tile, its background is white with a retro style geometric green pigment pattern. A darker green border makes this option ideal for an entire floor or wall. Take your kitchen to the ultimate level of design and durability with Handmade Reclaimed Pato Tile.

Maitland and Poate

There are countless supplier options for tiles these days, but when you are searching for something unique, durable, and highly stylish, Maitland & Poate is here for you to offer you a truly personal service. We are one of the leading purveyors of antique reclaimed encaustic and cement tiles and invite you to browse our online product portfolio. We are always adding to our collections so if, by chance you do not see exactly what you are looking for, do contact us directly and see if we are able to source for you. We offer a bespoke service and aim to find exactly what you need.

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