The new Duende Cement Tile Collection

We are thrilled to unveil our new Duende collection, an extension to our growing portfolio of beautiful  new handmade cement tiles.

Created by third generation tile artisans in the Andalusian foothills our encaustic tiles are produced with natural pigments and authentic materials as use in traditional materials centuries before. Hand poured clay fills each tile mould patterned in these distinct designs exclusive to us, and once fully baked they are suitable to be used on floors and walls in high traffic, hold and cold areas.

Chris comments “Our passion has always been the amazing antique tiles we source in Andalusia and that will remain our core focus.  The one drawback with reclaimed tiles is however, that they are limited in batch quantities and often they sell out fast before they even reach our webpages, so clients can be disappointed when a favourite they select has sold out by the time they have made a design decision. So, we set about how to solve this and found some incredible tile makers to enable us to have our own new cement collections. We have a choice of both replicas of vintage designs alongside some exclusive designs created solely for us, this way clients get the best of both worlds and know whatever size project they are looking to design we have some exceptional choices.” 

The Zapato design is offered in 4 colourways and is a recreation of an antique tile found in a crumbling Flamenco taverna. The heritage ochre yellow shade and soft rose colours are two of the stable shades found in many old Spanish tiles and the vibrant blue and green are a contemporary colour injection for a modern twist.

The Christobal and Christobal Sol are an eclectic mix of recreated vintage inspiration and grand ornate design elements often found in palatial Castillo’s across Spain. Both tile designs feature a palette of soft pastels with a bolder geometric centrepiece.

For those who are looking for a fun-filled and striking design our Flamenco tile is not a shrinking violet or one to be passed by. This design is the result of a collaboration between Maitland & Poate and a Seville Designer to create a showcase feature floor and wall tile. Flamenco is an unusual stencil work tile; it features flamingo heads, palms trees and classic Andalusian stars, all depicted in vibrant pinks and yellows finished with a soft dusty patina – it overflows with Mediterranean magic throughout.

Many more wonderful designs are featured in the Duende collection and are complemented with an array of plain and Hex tiles to configure a stunning tiled area in any room.

Only the most exceptional and outstanding tiles are sourced and created by us and we continue to be committed to ensuring all we offer has a wonderful authentic ambience as the original floor. 



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