Why Are Terracotta Tiles Such a Hit This Summer?

Tiles come in a wide range of options, but one style that seems to be everywhere these days is terracotta tiles. These tiles are beautiful, for sure, but what else do they offer? Here, we will look at the benefits of terracotta tiles and what has made them such a hit this summer.

The Process of Terracotta

Terracotta has long been a source for roofing tiles and floor tiles as well, but what makes it so special? The truth is, it’s the manufacturing process that makes it unique. Terracotta tiles are made by heating the materials in a specific way and fashioning them into various shapes if necessary. This process brings about a whole host of benefits to the consumer.

Temperature Control

Terracotta tiles have been used as roofing materials for centuries. The tiles effectively shed water and can be made quickly and affordably, but there is another benefit to this unbelievably beautiful tile. It can maintain proper temperature. Heat is absorbed into terracotta tiles on a roof and permeate that heat into a home. Adversely terracotta can also stay cool when necessary as well. Where that is great for a roof, how does that help when it comes to floor tiles?

Terracotta floor tiles have the same advantage. They heat up in the sun to provide substantial warmth but remain cool in shady areas for a more comfortable and ambient temperature. Walking on terracotta tiles has a certain feeling of comfort that is not available with other forms of floor coverings.

Natural Look

What draws many people into the beauty of terracotta tiles is the natural look. Terracotta maintains its natural beauty gaining subtle patina’s with aging that just adds to its charm. The tiles last for many years and maintain that natural look that so many homeowners crave. Using terracotta in your home adds a connection to the natural world a touch of yesteryear style and blurs the outside with in.

Durability at its Best

No matter how pretty a tile is, if it is not durable, it will not last in a modern home. Homes are busy and full of demands on most items within them. Tiles must stand up to the rigour of heavy footfall and long wearing use. Reclaimed terracotta tiles do this with ease, not only do they benefit from years of care and sealing but they were originally handcrafted to make the material strong and durable for even the busiest family. Terracotta tiles are one of the oldest forms of flooring and it’s easy to see the appeal.

Low Maintenance

Terracotta tiles have been used for centuries and today, homeowners and designers are embracing this form of tile more than ever before. Reasons are many, but one that seems to entice most people is terracotta’s low maintenance feature. The homeowner does not have to refinish, stain, or work constantly with the tile to maintain its beauty. Terracotta tiles are naturally low maintenance, so they are an ideal option for those that have little time to keep maintaining their floors. A simple initial seal then gentle mopping of the terracotta tile floor is all that is needed to keep it looking vibrant and beautiful.

Various Design Options

Terracotta tiles are not simply a one design tile option. The material is quite versatile and comes in many hues to be perfectly suited for your needs. In addition to rustic reds, browns, oranges, and yellow hues, terracotta tiles can also be shaped into a variety of different shapes for use as backsplash tiles, bathroom floor tiles, and any many other uses. The possibilities are endless with such a versatile material and designers everywhere are continue to recognise the beauty and versatility of terracotta tiles in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Maitland & Poate

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