Small Bathrooms – It’s all in the planning 

The secret of designing a small bathroom is all in the planning. Any type of large scale patterned tile will work in a smaller bathroom if you keep the patterns to the floor and your walls relatively plain. With a tiled floor you can go bold and simply trick the eye into thinking your room is more spacious and open than it may be. Add plain or textured tiles in other areas and keep your cabinetry natural woods or simple block shades.

Bold Styles 

Geometric tiles have been popular for centuries as they catch your eye and give an illusion of depth. Not feeling too brave? Then why not start with elegant greys or black and white shades on your floor using triangles and diamond patterns. Geometric tiles will also work particularly well on a splashback area to give a bold statement when used together with a neutral colour scheme.

Monochrome Works in bathrooms

A classic black and white monochrome scheme works well in a bathroom and is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. It gives your bathroom a timeless, chic and luxurious classic style – suited for both a modern or period property. Being a very versatile colour choice it lends itself perfectly to combine with either soft pastels to give a hint of colour or add a more vibrant shade like teal, emerald and dark grey to inject drama into your room.


Define Zones 

Alternatively add your patterns and interest by creating a feature wall to define zones in your room. For example a patterned shower wall can look great when combined with softer colour tones or a textured material used on the remaining walls. Introducing an interesting design or colour into your splashback will instantly give the impression of elongating the wall in your bathroom.

Pastel Tones to keep it calm 

The best shades to help maximise the light in your bathroom are cooler tones and pastel shades, soft greys, and subtle yellows. Pastel tones will help to reflect and inject additional light making it feel open and inviting.

White is a clear colour choice to make your room appear larger but also try using greys instead for a less stark and softer choice. The idea is to create a pared-back, elegant and sophisticated space whilst avoiding a clinical look.


Mounting your vanity unit and cabinetry to the wall will leave the space beneath free of clutter, immediately making the room appear bigger and giving the impression of your floor being a larger expanse.  When selecting a vanity unit look for wall hung pieces with lots of storage for towels and toiletries and topped with a single or his and hers freestanding basin.


Mirrors are perfect to reflect light and give the impression of space so it is worth using a mirrored cabinet in your bathroom to keep it unfussy and uncluttered. Cleverly conceal all your accessories and toiletries behind mirrors to enhance the natural light within your room.

Keep it unfussy and uncluttered

Architecturally and visually it is best to keep a small bathroom feeling open by not crowding too many things into it. Hang towels on rails or hooks, streamline shelving and keep styling to a minimum for maximum impact.

However small your bathroom is there is a tile which will suit your design in our portfolio of Tile Collections.