Terracotta Ladrillos

Tile dimension is 21cm x 10cm x 3.3cm

A handmade terracotta “brick” made in the traditional methods by third generation brick makers. The bricks are cut by hand and are fired in underground ovens fulled by old timber. Perfect for flooring indoors and outdoors and can be sealed with natural stone sealer or oils.

48 tiles = 1m2

£/m2: £100.80

Condition: Aged

Delivery: 3 weeks


Prices do not include VAT


Product Specification

These tiles are reclaimed terracotta sourced from old European buildings. They have a beautiful aged and natural appearance with gentle tones. The old tiles are then machined down to make them more consistent but there can still be a variation of up to 5mm between tiles (the majority will be uniform). Therefore we advise allowing 6-9mm for the adhesive. This adjustment in thickness makes them easier to work with and more suitable within the constraints of the home where using unmachined terracotta could prove to be problematic due to very thick terracotta (as is antique terracotta) taking up more space when laying and having larger variations between tile thickness and there being more expensive and difficult to lay. We modify the tiles so that the aged look is retained but an easy tile to work with is created. For more technical info please get in contact.


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