New Handmade

Drops Tile

Tile dimension is 20cm x 20cm x 1.9cm

A beautiful and custom designed encaustic tile made up of 7 different tiles. You can arrange your room layout to your design using corner drops for corners, half drops for border tiles, simple drops for the core tile and then within this you can place curved koi, straight koi and lily tiles throughout. You can also order plain grey tiles if needed for cut tiles outside of the border.

25 tiles = 1m2

£/Tile: £5.00 – 11.00

Condition: Good

Delivery: 8 Weeks


Prices do not include VAT

Product Specification

This is a handmade product using traditional methods meaning there can be small tonal variations in colours (which adds to the beautiful depth and texture of the tile). The natural pigments are poured through handmade stencils.

The product is made with high grade marble dust, cement, sand and natural pigment dyes.

Each tile is 20cm x 20cm with an option of 14mm (not recommended for high traffic areas) or 20mm for thickness.

Encaustic tiles (cement tiles) are micro porous and should be sealed to prevent staining. Please refer to our installation guide and employ a professional to install the tiles correctly.


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