Perfect Patterns for Reclaimed Bathroom Tiles

Although it may seem that your kitchen is the most used room in the home with so many people passing through it daily, that claim of honor in fact goes to the bathroom. Bathrooms sit hand in hand with kitchens on influencing the decision to buy a new home, and a beautifully designed bathroom can sell even a ‘less desirable’ home.  One way to enhance and create a welcoming attractive bathroom or cloakroom for you and your family, regardless of moving home is the addition of handmade cement and antique encaustic tiles. From splash backs to fully tiled walls and flooring these tiles provide a stunning and easy to maintain decorative solution. Create your own bespoke style and pattern configuration for a unique design tailored to your taste and home.  Add in an accent colour or subtle pattern from our endless variety of beautifully patterned reclaimed and handmade bathroom tiles and both you and your visitors will be delighted.

Handmade Drops Tile

Bathrooms do not have to be strictly designed with the latest innovations and chic high-end fixtures. They can be elegant and charming as well. Why not introduce a little whimsy with your bathroom tiles by taking a delightful pattern such as the Handmade Drops Tile. These tiles feature a calming grey background detailed with distinctive contemporary geometric circles, flowers and goldfish.  

Handmade Estrella Azul Tile

Blue is universally the most accepted colour in interiors, and its tranquil shade varieties evoke memories of the sea and water, so of course is an ideal colour spectrum to introduce into a bathroom or wet room. This concept can be translated into your bathroom with Handmade Estrella Azul Tiles. These tiles offer an inviting hue with calming light and dark shading. The tile pattern is perfectly styled for bathrooms as the geometric shapes offer a unique look without overpowering the senses. Tonal variations in colour due to the hand painted nature of the tile offer another point of interest as well.

Handmade Keidos Tile

Most tiles offer little variety for the customer to choose from, but the Keidos Tiles are different. They are hexagonal in shape so it takes away the monotony of a standard square tile design. Again, these are among the delightful artisan handmade encaustic designs available, but what is unique about this style is it is offered in a wide range of different patterns and styles to suit every taste. One of the most popular for colour combinations in bathrooms tend to be yellow, blue, or pink all with soft grey accents and multiple shade variations, the Keidos tiles feature all these shades.

Handmade Verde Claro

Colour can be difficult at times to decide upon and patterns may appear to be a little too much in a more compact bathroom or cloakroom. However, if you want a cohesive look to your bathroom the Handmade Verde Claro provides a stunning option. The colour is almost a seafoam green with only slight variations in hues. It is a solid colour tile, artisan made, and due to its handmade nature and those bespoke variations, the Verde Claro has a unique appearance. Add a subtle charm and with this distinct cement handmade tile.

Handmade Fideo Tile

A true bathroom interior designer will understand the importance of incorporating interest into the space. Mixing textures, colours and patterns with movement adds an instant form of interest and although it is becoming more popular to include televisions into bathrooms for movement purposes, those desiring movement in a different medium can add this with the Handmade Fideo Tile. These antique reclaimed tiles offer a unique design featuring a rippling effect. The design offers strong dark pigments in wavy lines with the addition of a lighter blue wave line for a subtle amazing movement quality. Add interest in a subtle way with Handmade Fideo Tile.

Where to Get These Unbelievably Beautiful Handmade and Antique Bathroom Tile Patterns?

These spectacular pattern bathroom tiles may sound exquisite to you and they are all available with Maitland & Poate. We house an endless variety of available antique tiles for every room of your home.

Check out our beautiful range of antique bathroom tiles in the link provided.