Our Story

Antique Encaustic Tiles

Maitland & Poate is a family-run London based business which grew from an obsession and passion for beautiful tiles. Originally, we started by sourcing reclaimed encaustic tiles to add a flavour of sun baked Andalucía to our own London home and then Maitland & Poate was born.  The wide variety and depth of colours in the patterned tiles display each tiles’ unique qualities and proudly speak of a previous life and a handcrafted heritage; discovered in a wide variety of ancient farmhouses, Cortijo’s, Parador’s, Hacienda’s and distinctive homes throughout Spain, Belgium and France. Select from the endless designs from our reclaimed and handmade encaustic cement tiles to create a unique statement floor to enhance any room in your home. Only the exceptional and outstanding reclaimed floor tiles are rescued by us to ensure we offer you the true authentic ambience of the original floor. 

Handmade Pattern Tiles

The patterned tiles we offer at Maitland & Poate are a feast and riot of sensational colours just as you would experience at any fiesta and Feria throughout Spain. All our handmade tiles are made with the highest quality cement, sand, marble dust and natural pigments ensuring a higher quality of tile.  Our enviable collection is ready to install (or create your own variation), and the patterns primed for your personal configurations; the choice really is only as limited as your own imagination. 


Handmade Reclaimed Tiles

As you browse our full collection of reclaimed floor tiles and reclaimed bathroom tiles, we hope you will delight in the bold striking red colours of our Acertijo tile, admire the traditional detailing on our Caballero Negro tile, revel in the graceful style of the Carmona tile from Seville and savour the craftsmanship in our patchwork tiles. You will also find our Diamante tile with its exquisite blue diamond detail and the Polvoriento tile bursting with rustic readiness. We love the idea that we are helping to create another story for the tiles, a new future as they are walked on, touched and cherished again. While on sourcing trips we started to work with artisans to create a wonderful collection of stunning handmade tiles and a selection of characterful and eco friendly lime paints. All of our tiles and paints are of exceptional quality and compliment one another to complete any interior style and finish.