Older Tiles are More Forgiving as They Have Had Many Years of Previous Care

Are you looking to update your kitchen, bathroom or any room in your home? That does not mean you need to invest money in simply updating appliances, worktops or buying luxury interior soft furnishings. Your real value comes from both flooring and wall tiles. However, not just any tile will do. Many modern tiles today are mass manufactured from a mixture of elements, so may not be as durable and hard-wearing as traditional ones made decades ago. Older, artisan made reclaimed tiles are more forgiving as they tend to have been made from purer clay elements and having already endured many years of previous use they have benefitted equally from many years of sealing and care.

Time Tested Reliability

Antique or reclaimed tiles are taken from older and even ancient structures. They are carefully removed and painstakingly restored ready for their revitalised life in a new location. The benefit to you is that your purchase of reclaimed or antique tiles brings a timeless quality that cannot be mimicked by modern tile varieties. Older tiles are simply built to last and their time-tested reliability just cannot be compared to the qualities found in modernised tile manufacturing processes.

Great for Growing Families

If you have a growing family, you will most certainly understand the inherent need for durable materials in your home. Not only are older tiles ideal for the rigour of general family use, but with a home filled with children where time is of the essence, reclaimed tiles also provide a minimum maintenance option. Older tiles also in the main are non-porous so able to withstand spills and knocks having endured many previous years of doing just that.

Ideal for Virtually Any Climate

Building materials are often generated for specific purposes based on the climate of the area they will be installed in. Certain materials such as wood tend to expand and contract with extreme climate changes. Even some modern tile varieties can be subject to these climate-based changes. However, older tiles are suitable to both wet areas applications and hot area applications i.e. shower rooms and wet rooms or warmer and hot areas like oven surrounds and utility rooms. Reclaimed tiles tend to have far less need for specific temperature-controlled environments, so regardless of your location be it an arid dessert with a dry climate or damp and frequently wet climate, then reclaimed tiles can work for your home.

No New Materials

We live in a world that is increasingly focused on the need for conservation with many of us continually exploring eco-friendly and environmentally conscious ways to alleviate consumption of valuable resources. Using antique tiles is a great option to recycle. When you purchase newly made, mass produced tiles from a larger scale tile manufacturer you are adding to the problem of over consumption. These new tiles rarely use recycled materials in their manufacturing processes. Antique tiles, however, allow you to avoid over consuming precious resources as they are completely reclaimed from previously built structures. Using fewer new materials in your home can be reassuring that you are helping towards us all being environmentally friendly and carbon footprint reduction.

Artisan Heritage Designs

When buying building materials for the home, we want them to be both beautifully designed and durable enough to handle all the rigour of family life. Some mass-produced tiles today are durable enough but lack a true individual element or historic artisan flair and artistic touch. These are the aspects that makes older tiles exceptional. Many reclaimed or antique tiles showcase designs which are rare and unique never to be found again. They are offered in limited batch numbers and add a special character element to your home as well as being exceptionally practical in terms of their longevity and reliability.

Maitland and Poate

When you need the best reclaimed tiles in the industry, Maitland & Poate is the only name you need to remember. We take pride in sourcing only the exceptional, rare and outstanding. 

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