Old favourites and New Finds

Mixing interior styles in our homes, adding in recycled or up-cycled furniture and decorative items  allows us to embrace a wide combination of textures, shapes and colours to create both an inviting and eclectic space to reflect our own personality.

It’s only as the years pass that we start to appreciate the craftsmanship of past objects, materials no longer used, or recognise the skills of previous generations; many of which have now fallen by the way side. It’s also the realisation that once things are gone they are really gone; its whats making us stop and think twice about the throw away society we have become. With this dawning comes an increasing desire to search out and cherish the long-forgotten, unusual and unique past pieces of furniture and household furnishings for both inside and outside our homes.

There is undoubtably something rewarding in the unearthing of cast aside pieces to adorn our rooms, discovering both items we can actually use again or pieces which can just become wonderful decorative elements. These often character-filled objects allow us to enhance our homes by adding in an additional design statement, an accent colour or unique material, something with timeless appeal to either become or embellish a distinct Wow factor to a room.

It’s the passion and desire to see beautiful encaustic tiles repurposed and appreciated again that drives us on each of our sourcing journeys. All our tiles are personally selected by us to evoke that authentic sense of history and yesteryear elegance. Unearthed from floors long forgotten they are then carefully retrieved, restored by us and made ready to go forwards to a new lease of life – all part of the pleasure you will enjoy each time your walk upon or see them. The wide variety and depth of colours display each tiles’ unique qualities and proudly speak of its previous life and a handcrafted heritage. 

This dazzling array of colours across all the tile collections equally offers endless opportunities to coordinate or accent differing shades into your home as well as simply adorning walls or floors. From lush foliage greens to dazzling sunshine yellows and burnished olive purples. Each colour is brought to life with its own touch of Spain engrained throughout it. 

Part of our pleasure is to see them in use once again in re-configured patterns or new applications for yet another generation to enjoy. 

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