New Cement Tile Collection

We are delighted to have launched a striking new collection of cement encaustic tiles. For some time now we have been working hard on selecting antique designs and patterns alongside our amazing team of third generation tile artisans to produce these exciting new ranges. Each tile has been made using the same original techniques of hand pouring into brass stencils using only the finest quality materials and natural pigments that have showcased beautiful Spanish tiles for centuries. 

Our inspiration has come from some of the most popular antique tiles we have discovered over the years, these ancient patterns, colour ways and designs have now been painstakingly recreated into new encaustic tiles for many more to be able to enjoy. Unlike antique tiles where limited batches can restrict applications, or cause disappointment by no longer being available once a project becomes ready for tiling, the new collection offers the ability to make to unlimited quantities, so your favourite design will always be possible.

A wonderful array of styles in a spectrum of colours from vibrant bold shades though to delicate subtle pastels combine with rich ancient hues. The new cement collection is suited to both hot or cold zones, wet or dry and both interior as well as exterior uses. Create a unique whole wall display, accent splash back or complete statement floor. The pattens in this new collection are enriched with yesteryear elegance as the originals date back decades, and each style is offered with a choice of an aged patina for an authentic reclaimed finish, or simply left as new in its raw finish; whichever you feel suits your décor best.

This new collection also offers the opportunity for bespoke commissions, we can lovingly recreate an old cherished favourite tile you may have or indeed a create a pattern and colourway needed for a specific project you may wish to coordinate with.

The choice is only as limited as your own imagination.  

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