Monochrome Madness continues in 2019

This much-loved and timeless colour scheme has been in both the fashion and interior worlds for decades. The simple elegance of the classic monochrome palette is not only aesthetically undatable but creates an instant yet understated backdrop to any home interior.

The colour spectrum of varying shades and hues from deep charcoal blacks to pure crisp whites is the epitome of sophistication and one which interior designers have been enjoying an enduring love affair with for years and one which shows no sign of ending. Other colour combination trends may fade away only to reappear as the next generation adds its ‘new twist’ to reinvent a scheme all over again but the truly timeless style of Monochrome has never disappeared or been forgotten. 

Fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior introduced the base Monochrome bold black and white block colours in their haute couture fashion collections and are thought to be the reason why this colour scheme is still so famous now. In the 1960’s the ground-breaking combination created a huge statement in the fashion industry, which inevitably designers the world over took to their hearts, after that it was only a matter of time for the interior design world captured the craze with every type of home product. 

Tiles is one such home product that has embraced monochrome shades and with its endless applications are perfect to add this colour scheme into any room. In fact the real beauty and charm of a monochrome scheme is its ability to be reinvented in subtle ways to emphasise a desired interior style; simply take our new cement tiles with geometric patterns to create an edgy chic look, or add antique reclaimed tiles in a zig zag formation to a hallway and instantly create a natural flow from one room to another, lay our artisan tiles in a statement bold horizontal lines to add instant drama to an open-plan room, team our vintage tile collection in checkerboard or hexagonal patterns for stunning splash backs or  floors, in fact the choices is only as limited as your own imagination.

Our reclaimed and encaustic tiles can be used to design a stunning statement or subtle backdrop and with a Monochrome colour pallet you can be sure this sophisticated style will compliment any piece of furniture or accessory you desire to style with it.

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