Marble Worktops Work Well with Reclaimed Tiles for Contrast and Design

Reclaimed tiles are beautiful as many of them are completely hand painted. Although the structures they were once housed in have long since been dismantled, these tiles have been given new life in many homes. Today’s kitchen designs are becoming more elaborate than ever before and if you are among the many looking to spruce up your kitchen this year, marble worktops work well with reclaimed tiles for contrast and design.

Durability at its Best

Even though television depicts average citizens as going out to eat every night, that is simply not reality. The average family cooks meals at home and much of their living is often done in the kitchen. That means a lot of wear and tear on appliances, cabinets, and yes even on your tiles. Marble worktops have become a great way to improve the workability of your countertops as they can be used for prep work and are even useful in tempering chocolate. Not to mention, they look stunning. That durability can translate to your walls and floors as well with reclaimed tiles.

Reclaimed tiles are versatile for both complete covering options as well as accent tiles. They have been a part of homes for many years and this is largely due to their ultimate strength and durability. Reclaimed tiles have already stood the test of time and when installed in your home will provide a durable and exceptionally beautiful accent to your marble worktops.

Available in Many Designs

Today’s tiles are available in a wide range of design options, but unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find something that is truly unique due to mass production. Reclaimed tiles are different and like your marble worktops are natural resources that are available in a range of different designs without fear of over production.

Reclaimed tiles hand painted and quality manufacturing design means that you will have a beautiful look to your kitchen for many years to come without having to go through the expense of remodeling after just a few short years.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Many homeowners are turning to environmentally friendly design options as a means of doing their part to help the environment. However, some environmentally friendly materials may not be as attractive as other options and can be difficult to maintain.

This is where marble worktops and reclaimed tile work exceptionally well together. Both are sourced from natural and sustainable resources, so no chemicals and over processed materials are used. Reclaimed tiles are further helping the environment as they are essentially, recycled materials that can be used in variety of home projects. Reclaimed tiles are the beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly option you have been looking for.

An Easy Fix

Investing money in remodeling your kitchen can be a huge expense. However, having a place to enjoy time with family and friends is priceless. When you choose to remodel and already have marble worktops, reclaimed tiles can be an exceptional idea for both the walls and the floor of your kitchen. The versatility of reclaimed tiles is unparalleled and the many designs available are easy to match with your existing worktops.

Another aspect of reclaimed tiles you will enjoy is how easy they are to fix should one become damaged. Instead of buying a whole new floor from just a simply crack, reclaimed tiles can be fixed individually saving you a lot of time and money. So, when you do purchase your reclaimed tiles to contrast with your marble worktops, purchase a little extra to ensure you always have some on hand for those easy fixes.

Maitland & Poate

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