Make heads turn with a Tiled Headboard

The bedroom is our sanctuary and place of haven and deserves as much attention when it comes to decorating and style input as our other higher-traffic rooms. Creating an individual design and ambience is all down to combining colours and textures, both in the paint décor as well as furniture and accessories. Firstly, decide how you want your room to look; you may prefer a pared-back Scandi sleek look, or hanker for a minimal contemporary and seamless style, a classic traditional design to create a cosy space, a crisp and fresh coastal theme full of light and beach shades, or at the opposite
end of the spectrum a warming Mediterranean bohemian design full of earthy shades and caramel tones.

Your bed is of course the focal point and hero of your room, so choosing the correct size and design is important with comfort being top of the list. From four-posters to metal framed beds the choice is endless and only personal preference comes into play here. Headboards are equally a very personal design preference with endless style choices. If, however, you prefer not to go with an integrated or upholstered headboard then why not be creative and put together your own tiled headboard instead?

Designer Influencer Hayley Stuart @iamhayleystuart created this stunning version (first example shown) within her beautiful Mediterranean themed room with our antique reclaimed tiles. The ornate and intricate designs of antique tiles provide an
immediate WOW factor which blends with the theming and colourway of the bedroom.

Tiles add an additional texture to the room and can be configured to any shape, height and width. Both our reclaimed tiles and new handmade cement tiles offer an enormous variety of colours, tones, patterns and new designs to truly personalise your bedroom and make for a unique design

We are happy to advise on styles and colour choices for your headboard design at any stage of your project.