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About our Lime Paints


We import our lime paint from another family-run business in Sweden. This paint is a lime based product, and the main characteristics are the different shades of colour with its matte texture and superb depth.

The lime paint will age beautifully over time and work well for old design styles, contemporary interiors, as well as the most modern styles of today.

This paint is ideal for most indoor surfaces and works best when absorbed into the wall so it will leave the surface breathable – hence the surface is protected by its anti-fungal properties which mean far less changes of mould growth and will tolerate normal interior humidity.

The paint comes in powder form, as opposed to conventional liquid paints which are 70% or more water/solvents. By producing and selling our lime paint in powder form we avoid shipping huge quantities of water, thereby helping reduce carbon emissions. This also makes it easier to carry around, and since it can be stored in powder form for a long time it takes up much less storage space. This lime paint blends easily with tap water, resulting in top quality, freshly made lime paint, ready to be used.

Bear in mind that you are working with a natural material and the final outcome may vary.


This lime paint is Eco-friendly, VOC-free paint, and complies with environmental legislation regarding the VOC content of paint.

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the solvents in paint which evaporate and affect the climate. VOC’s are carbon based chemical compounds found in conventional paints. VOC’s evaporate into the atmosphere and are hazardous to human health, animals, the environment and contribute to global warming.


Each bag contains:

1 kg of coloured lime powder.
Mix with 1.7 litres of tap water and you will get 2 litres of ready-made Lime Paint ready to use.
One bag will cover aprox. 8-12m² in two layers. For best results use a good quality pig-hair lime brush.



Our colour booklets come in five varieties.

  1. Best seller
    This booklet contains our 8 most popular colours:
    Ivory, Palladio, San Saccaria, Celadon primo, Lute primo, Winter primo, Doloriet, Antique Bleu
  2. New
    This booklet contains our 9 newest colours.
    Lino, Zinco, Cobalto, Antique Rose, Simplicity, Mauve, Calce, Olica, Granit
  3. Summer shades
    This booklet contains 4 colours from our summer shades collection.
    Sand, Sky, Seashell, Sage
  4. Winter shades
    This booklet contains 9 colours from our winter shades collection.
    Lute secco, Winter secco, Tabacco secco, Celadon secco, Chocolat, Nero special, Grigio, Grigio primo, Grigio secco
  5. Grey is Great
    This booklet contains 9 colours from our grey shades collection.
    Basalt, Basalt primo, Basalt secco. Concrete, Concrete primo, Concrete secco. Gabbro, Gabbro primo, Gabbro secco.


Where to use Lime Paint:

Our Lime Paint can be used directly on most indoor surfaces provided that the surface is free of dirt, grease, soluble salts and not flaking. Surfaces such as cement, brick, plasterboard are able to absorb the Lime Paint well. Also suitable on surfaces already painted with water based paint or acrylic primer.

Prepare your surfaces as you would for conventional paint – clean, dust, fix holes etc. and use acrylic based primer where needed to prevent any discolouration.

When using Lime Paint on uneven or embossed surfaces the matt texture of the Lime Paint will not mask any imperfections or variations in the underlying surface. They will not disappear, and may even become more visible.

Lime Paint is not suitable onto permanently damp areas.

It is always a good idea to consult with a professional if your project involves serious preparational work in order to get the best result.

Note: It is very important to always allow all preparational materials to dry completely, before applying acrylic based primer, in order to prevent discolouration of the Lime Paint, and also to let primer dry completely before applying the Lime Paint.



We recommend that you use a natural bristle brush.

We can supply high quality natural pig hair brushes, made in Sweden. These come in one size (10”) and the hairs on them can be natural or black. With proper care they are long lasting. Be sure to clean brush after use with cold water and natural brown soap.

For any more info on using the Lime Paints please contact us at:

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