How to Choose Tiles for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are far more than just for utility use. As one of the most used rooms in any home, a bathroom can be a showcase for true style and design. Choosing the right colours and layout of the space is as important to you as well as your guests, but if you neglect to choose the proper tile, your design scheme may not have the desired effect you had hoped for. When shopping for the right tiles for your bathroom, there are some things it’s advisable to keep in mind. Here is how to choose the best antique bathroom tiles.

Pick Your Dominant Colour First

Colour matching is not something that comes easily to everyone, but thankfully, tile is very forgiving in the colour department. When renovating your bathroom, the first thing to do is to pick your dominant colour scheme. This colour is one that flows through the entire space and ties everything together. Make sure it is something you like and speaks to you as the designer and the person who will be spending time living with the finished room. Whether you choose a more eclectic style or a traditional one, your dominant colour should be represented in the tile choice and in other various aspects of the space.

Pops of Colour

Once you have chosen your dominant colour, consider other colours that can complement it. For the best results, use a colour wheel to help you make the right choice. When it comes to tiles, you can use them for both entire floor and wall coverings as well as having the ability to use them as accent features in splash backs or sink and shower surrounds. This allows for flexibility in colour schemes and patterns with pops of colour instead of simply choosing one block colour for the entire space. Accent tiles allow you to be a bit more creative with your bathroom design.

Do You Want a Pattern?

Patterned tiles look especially beautiful and something to consider when choosing to renovate your bathroom. Patterns are another way to add a creative elegant and reflect your individual style into a room. It takes a little more consideration for how the tile is laid to achieve the desired look, but if you have problems installing the tile yourself, there is no shame in hiring a professional to do it for you. Pattern tiles, especially reclaimed or antique tiles, are beautiful and add a unique heritage quality to the space.

To discover more patterns for bathroom tiles, see here:

Bathroom Size

Not all bathrooms are the size of an entire bedroom. Bathrooms tend to be among the smallest rooms in the home and therefore, very large tiles may not work well in the space. Larger tiles work best in larger rooms. Mosaic tiles and other slightly larger varieties offer more flexibility in small spaces and can even make your small bathroom seem larger.

No More Than 3 Styles

Changing designs with plains and patterned tiles combined in a bathroom is an excellent way to add variety and interest into the space, but don’t get too carried away. It is recommended that you use less than 3 tile styles in any single bathroom setting. Too many different styles bring confusion rather than beauty, so even if you are considering a more eclectic style, do not get carried away with too many various types of tiles.

What About Variety

Some companies offer reclaimed or antique tile that is in limited supply. They often group these tiles into one order, so the recipient will receive various tiles instead of one type. It is a patchwork style of tile and it can be very fun to use in a bathroom. Where the above suggestion of keeping less than 3 tile styles in any space should be taken into consideration, these patchwork tiles are an exception to that rule. The key to making it work and adding variety to your space again comes down to the dominant colour. Choose tiles that have the same colour within them and the eclectic patchwork style will have more of a cohesive feel rather than just chaos.

Choose Reclaimed

You can go out to a big tile retail store and find tile that will work for your bathroom, but often, these tiles are simply mass produced and offer no real unique feel. However, tiles are something you can purchase second hand. Second hand reclaimed and antique tiles have been taken from previous structures and maintain an artisan, unique character and history; all qualities that new tiles just do not have.

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