Hayley Stuart designs a new handmade tile range – Bohemia Collection

We are delighted to have teamed up with award-winning interior design DIY blogger and inspirational Instragrammer Hayley Stuart @iamhayleystuart to create The Bohemia Collection, an eclectic range of handmade encaustic tiles.

Hayley has instilled her own distinct interior style which encompasses her curation of beautiful things collected from around the world and from different era’s, into fresh inviting designs showcasing her love of rich colours from the Mediterranean, Morocco and Greece.

Each design, offered in a choice of 3 or 4 colourways has a Spanish name to represent Hayley’s vision:

Eterna meaning eternal in Spanish evokes the thought that if you walk the Earth, you’ll just keep going and going.  Tierra is earth and the design has been inspired by the globe and its many layers and core. Viage is travel so this tile resembles a compass.  Gracia means graceful and it’s easy to see the wonderful, graceful beauty in this design.

Coraje is courage and this has special meaning to Hayley, as it took courage to make her dream come true with the new collection, as does the Madre tile which she designed especially for her mother.

Hayley comments “Maitland and Poate were the first people I thought of when designing these tiles. They share my passion and appreciation for the charm and beauty of artisan tiles.  “Tiles fill my belly with fire. There is something about the craftsmanship, the unlimited pattern possibilities, the colours, and the textures that make me overflow with joy. It’s been my dream for a while to create a collection I could feel passionate and excited about, and this is it”!

She adds “This collection is for anyone that adores adding colour and pattern into their interior space in an endearing way. My vision is that my tiles will transport their owners to a place of warmth and beauty”.

The new collection is available from 2nd March and provides a stunning additional range to our portfolio.

We hope you all love them as much as we do!