Can Vintage Tiles Add Value to Your Home?

Adding value to your home is something that every homeowner should strive to achieve, but a new roof, updated wiring, and new appliances are only part of the equation. New flooring can add significant value to any home, but if you want to make a true impact on potential buyers, vintage tiles are the way to go. How can vintage tiles add value to your home? Here are just a few of the many ways.


The most important aspect of any floor is that it is durable enough to contend with the rigours of an active family. Vintage tiles can be made from a variety of materials from porcelain to ceramic to cement. Spanish vintage cement tiles are generally made from high grade marble dust, cement, sand and natural pigment dyes, a combination which has proven to be one of the most durable flooring materials available. These tiles are so durable having been reclaimed from old buildings and residences and benefitted from many years of sealing and care so are ideal for a renewed life in your home and add the value of that durability to any potential home sale.

Move in Ready

Potential buyers look for many elements and features in a property, but one of the most important aspects, apart from those looking strictly for a restoration project, is that the home is in good repair and pretty much move in ready. This means that the new homeowner is required to do very little, or zero work before contemplating moving into the property. Having vintage tiles already installed adds character and charm to a home demonstrating to any potential buyer that they need only to bring in their furnishings to enjoy the beauty of the vintage flooring.

Easy to Clean

Potential homeowners do not merely look at new appliances and seek out ‘move in ready’  condition homes. Those that are serious about purchasing a home also look for homes that offer easy to clean solutions. Hardwood floors are undeniably beautiful to look at, but can require a lot of maintenance; which some potential buyers are simply not willing to do. Older floors require refinishing, buffing, and re-polishing from time to time and lino, although seeing a resurgence in popularity can be prone to cracking and tearing over time.

Vintage tiles are far superior to other flooring options as they remain easy to clean throughout the life of the home. No matter if you intend on staying in your home, or selling it to another family, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is generally all that is needed to maintain clean vintage tiles. Additionally, once properly sealed vintage tiles do not absorb odours as other flooring materials can so no need not worry about spills and pet accidents.

Flooring and More

With certain floor options, a beautiful floor is all that you get. Vintage tiles offer a bit more than just an average floor. Vintage tiles can be used to beautify any room to the ultimate level as a spectacular flooring option, but can also be used as accent tiles. Accent tiles are tiles integrated into backsplashes for bathrooms, kitchens, and virtually any wall in need of a little flare or pop of colour and pattern. Accent tiles help tie room tile styles together and add a special touch to any space. Other flooring options simply offer a place to walk. Vintage tiles are so much more and that can be highly attractive to potential buyers.

Old World Look

It is a common misconception that potential buyers are only looking for the newest and best additions to a home. Truthfully, trends change, and today’s buyer requires a mix of old and new. Vintage tiles can do that for any home. They encompass the warmth, tradition of old world style and pay homage to heritage craftsmanship whilst maintaining a level of design that works well with a modern look. With vintage tiles the old meets the new in beautiful harmony.

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