Can I Use Reclaimed Tiles on the Walls as well as the Floor?

Building materials are generally used for one area of a structure. Walls, floors, ceilings all have their own distinct material coverings and it’s rare to find anything that can be used on two out of three. Tiles however are quite unique in their versatility, so where you may be considering tile for any number of projects throughout your home its good to also consider reclaimed tiles as opposed to newly manufactured ones.

The Ideal Flooring Option

Floors carry the entire weight of any building. They take on the day to day footfall traffic and show wear faster than any other place in the home. Carpet, wood, and vinyl flooring will start to look dull and unappealing. Tears in carpet or scuffs on wood can make even the most stylish home look drab and uninviting. All of these flooring coverings equally require maintenance and after years of wear and tear, will likely to need to be completely replaced no matter how well they were maintained.

This is where reclaimed tiles are different. Where temperature changes and moisture in the air can warp wood floors from time to time, reclaimed tiles will not absorb moisture or react to changes in the weather. Carpet can fray, rip, and hold allergens. Reclaimed tiles stand the test of time and will not hold allergens. Vinyl, although an economical choice may not provide the aesthetic you would hope for once surrounded by luxury furnishings. Equally should the flooring become damaged, is challenging to repair. Reclaimed tiles on the other hand, always create a Wow factor and look stunning in any space, should any damage occur to one of the tiles, due to their age and imperfections any further nicks will simply add extra character and  the beauty of the floor will continue to live on.

Perfect for Walls

Finding the right wall covering can be a quite a task. Many years ago, wallpaper was all the rage and recently has seen a resurgence in popularity and has come on leaps and bounds in terms of variety of patterns and textures. Again however the fading and moisture elements as well as difficulty with rips and tears doesn’t make it the ideal or first choice.Most people will start with simply painting their walls and adding texture to their rooms with furnishings and accessories. The walls of your home or business present an ideal backdrop to create a focus in your rooms so why not add your personality and a unique colour statement with reclaimed tiles. From accent colours with splashbacks in bathrooms, cloakrooms, utility rooms and kitchens, to complete wall to flooring covering the options are endless.

Reclaimed tiles are among the best types of wall coverings as they allow more freedom in their design. Tile designs can be elaborate or delicate and understated; allowing you to express your creativity in new ways. Think of your walls as a blank canvas just waiting to be finished by beautiful stunning reclaimed tiles. No matter your preferred style or type of home, reclaimed tiles will work perfectly on your walls.

Accent Tiles at Their Best

Tiles offer a wonderful chance to create your own configuration to any space. Instead of just rolling out a piece of carpet or using a single design with wallpaper, tiles can work as statement pieces of artwork in their own right. Accent tiles are one of the most popular ways to add tiles especially those in limited batch sizes and not mass produced. Reclaimed tiles are sourced from ancient farmhouses, parador’s, cortijo’s and hacienda’s and can be restored to reveal their original colours or left with the patina of age to add a wonderful heritage element but do bear in mind they are offered in limited numbers. Its always best to check the quantity of tiles available when selecting the perfect pattern to suit your home. 

Reclaimed tiles are not only suitable for hot areas like oven surrounds and splashbacks but also are ideal for wet areas so accent tiles can work in the kitchen, bathroom, boot rooms and cloakrooms, as well as many other spaces throughout your home or business. They offer you the chance to get a little more creative and inject colours, textures and a beautiful artisan aspect.

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