Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying Antique Tiles

So, you are renovating an existing home or building your dream home and flooring options are swirling around in your head. You could opt for a generic tile option from a big national named flooring supply company. They seem to have great prices and an endless ocean of styles to choose from, but wait, none of these seem unique enough for the vision you truly have in your head? There is another option that is steadily growing in popularity. Reclaimed tiles, these offer so much more than standard mass-produced tiling options and to help you get exactly what you are looking for, here are our top 5 things we think are useful for you to consider when buying beautiful cement antique tiles.

Type of antique tile

When buying antique tiles, you have more to think about than simply the design and colour scheme of the tiles. Tiles are made of different material and depending on where you live and the climate that surrounds you, there are options to think about. Cement, porcelain and other materials are used in tiles to make them strong and longer lasting. In the case of antique encaustic tiles the depth of colour, the patina and many other elements come into play. When shopping, try to be specific about the type of tile you want, where it is needing to be placed, and ask about any special consideration for sealing the tiles once they are laid. High moisture areas, we zone, and heat zones may call for a specific sealant to maintain the beauty of your antique tiles. Another consideration is the depth of restoration you prefer. Cement encaustic tiles which have been reclaimed offer the opportunity of selecting the depth of colour according to the depth of work given to the tiles to reveal the more vibrant original pigments or you may prefer a lighter restoration to keep a real ‘aged’ look.

How many tiles do you need?

It is a common thing in construction to purchase more materials than is needed. The reason most contractors over purchase materials is a two-part problem. First, some materials may become damaged during the installation process. Which in the case of any tiles, breakages can happen when the tile is being split or cut for a perfect sized piece for any difficult areas. Secondly, replacement pieces should always be available just in case the specific material design is discontinued or especially with reclaimed tiles they are by there nature a limited set number.

With antique tiles, most designs are simply unavailable in an endless supply due to the age of the tile and mere fact that the original artists are no longer around. Supply will be limited, so it is always best to buy more than you think you need. Consider possible breakages during install and any replacement tiles that maybe needed for accidental damage at any stage in the future.

Choose colours carefully

One thing that many people may not consider when purchasing antique tiles is the right colour. Yes, you will find a variety of colors and you are encouraged to pick you favorite but choose carefully. Wild colours may be attractive to you, but if you ever intend on selling your home, a potential buyer may not be so keen on a bold choice. If vibrant bold colours simply speak to you like nothing else, consider using them as accent tiles rather than the entire design motif. Even if you do not currently envisage selling your home, it helps to consider it at least when purchasing antique tiles because you cannot possibly conclusively know what the future holds for your home.

Where do you want your tiles to go?

Before you can successfully shop for your beautifully crafted antique tiles, you need to understand where the tiles will be located. Whether you are intending to tile your bathroom, home floors, or kitchen backsplash, the placement will make an impact on the tiles you purchase. When shopping, ensure that you speak to a highly qualified tile professional and take their advice on where the particular tiles you want would work best.

Pick your vendor carefully

Reclaimed tiles add a uniquely ‘olde worlde’ style to any space and hold a wonderful sense of heritage and history like nothing else. They are sourced from old homes, buildings, and businesses to be reimagined into your space for a renewed life. There are many reclaimed tile retailers available today, but keep in mind, not all are the same. When choosing a supplier for your reclaimed tile project, ensure they are selling original reclaimed tiles and not just pretty copies of old designs. Reclaimed tiles are made to last and have proven themselves to be durable. Newer tile designs that mimic old styles may not be a strong as true reclaimed tiles and unfortunately, some tile suppliers may not be as upfront and honest about the tiles in their inventory. Only trust your reclaimed tiling project to a source that has proven to be trustworthy offering the best reclaimed tiles for every project.

At Maitland & Poate, we pride ourselves on providing top quality antique tiles to our customers. Our vast inventory of truly antique cement tiles is one of a kind and we take great pride in only searching out the finest quality to ensure you have remarkable tiles in your home to enjoy. We aim to provide an exceptional service with exceptional tiles.

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