Bespoke Sourcing and Design Creation Service

We offer a bespoke sourcing and new design creation service, both set up to help when you have exhausted all other avenues looking for the perfect tile.

Firstly, our bespoke search and sourcing service enables you to say exactly what you are looking for, this could be specific colours or an individual design style that has so far evaded all your own efforts.

Often on an interior project you have a good idea of what will work in with your scheme and nothing quite comes close to what you are ideally hoping for. You may be after a tile pattern you are hoping to match with another element in your rooms layout or a colour you want to be the lead focal point.

Whatever the reason and drive, we understand too well the passion and frustration in not finding what’s needed; this is exactly why we set up our bespoke service, we aim to take away those time consuming searches and use our extended professional network to find just what you are looking for.

On our sourcing journeys we do also come across some amazing antique products like basins and related home products as well as vintage Tarifa stone, marble chequer floors and beautiful reclaimed Limestone – again each are tricky to find unless you have a good established network and know where to look. If you have a project where something rare is called for then do let us know as we can try to source these for you.

Our bespoke tile Creation Service is another option set up to actually design and make a new tile to your exact requirements. Perhaps you already have a design in mind; a pattern or old tile design you would like recreated. You may be looking for a long-lost pattern to work in harmony with the age of a property or a design style you have always wanted to add to a room for a previous era like Art Deco or Arts & Crafts.


Hand Painted Hand Glazed Tiles

What could be more exclusive than a hand painted hand glazed tile to a design and colour pallet of your specific choice? Meticulously hand painted to your own style brief this is the ultimate tailored service with each tile artisan painting every tile in the shades and tones in any intricate design you desire.

Handmade Encaustic Tiles

We can also make a custom stencil to your own design or replicate a vintage design, and produce encaustic tiles tailored within our colour pallet range, or colour matched to a shade of your choice.

Made by our own team of third-generation tile artisans in our own workshops, each stage of the design and colour selection process is approved before creation to ensure we get exactly the colour mix and style you require.

Our expert team of craftsmen can create a unique tile design for any unusual or specific requirements, suggesting colour combinations and designing a bespoke tile to the quantities you need, do get in touch if we can help