5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Style for Your Reclaimed Floor Tiles

Picking the perfect style for your home can be challenging, but also rewarding. People often find it difficult to style a room around a specific object or item, but this tactic can help bring your design scheme together better than just focusing on the whole expanse of the room. Today, we will show you 5 tips for picking the perfect style for your reclaimed floor tiles. Your room can come to life and you can draw endless other design inspirations if you focus first on your floor.

Look at The Colours

Designing a style around your reclaimed floor tiles will be a rewarding experience, but the first thing you need to decide on is the predominant colour scheme. Colours can be vibrant and bold, or muted and subdued depending on the tile pattern or style you have. It is easy to simply pick apart the colors within the tile, but to get the most out of your colour scheme is to start with a leading shade. If your tile is one solid colour this should not be a problem. However, if a pattern and multiple colors are detailed within the tile, it can be difficult to determine which dominant colour to go with. The trick is to quickly glance at the tile and note the first color that catches your eye, often this is the colour you favour and is the answer to which shade to lead with.

Dark to Light

The dominant pigment is not the only factor to use for the colour scheme of your space. Designers often use a trick to utilise all colours within a pallet effectively. Your reclaimed floor tile could have one, two, three, or more colours to choose from. Some can be used as accents to the dominant colour, but the depth of the shade is important as well. When designing your room consider the dark to light method. This is where a designer will pick the darkest hue on the floor, add lighter colours in the middle and then use the lightest for the ceiling. This tactic adds depth to the overall space and helps it feel larger than it is.

Note the Time Period of Your Tile

Reclaimed tiles are so valued today due to their age. They have been a part of history and utilising them in your home brings that history directly into your space. Take the time to study your reclaimed tiles and note any historical significance. Bring that into the room through period pieces or period window treatments. This does not mean the entire room must reflect that era of time, but a few pieces will showcase a historic charm and make your tiles the star of the show.

Keep Your Style in Mind

It is easy to get caught up in the do’s and don’ts of interior design trends. The trends are always changing and it can be fun to mimic them in your own home. However, do not ever sacrifice your own style in an effort to keep up with the trend. Reclaimed tiles are very forgiving in their ability to adapt to modern design, so take the time to examine your style and see what works for you. Another interesting tip whilst keeping this notion in mind is to design a colour scheme based on what you generally wear. This is a great tip, if you favour particular colours in your wardrobe, then it stands to reason that you will always be happy and most comfortable in a room which those colours and shades are included in.

Contrasting Colors

A novice designer can quickly become overwhelmed with the notion to stick with one, singular colour. This is an easy way to design a room around the colours of your reclaimed tile, but in most cases should be avoided. The same colour can get boring fast and even with the addition of different hues and textures, the space will remain simply, one note. Depth is ideally what you need from your interior décor; based on your reclaimed flooring, contrasting colours with differing accents will always remain your friend. Enlist the help of a colour wheel to help determine contrasting colours if you are unfamiliar with the concept. A contrasting colour is an opposite but brings about certain hues in a design for a richer feeling. Colours such as blues and reds contrast well together, as do blues and yellow.

Maitland & Poate

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