2LG Launch New Tile Collection with Maitland & Poate

Maitland & Poate are thrilled to announce their collaboration with the fabulous 2LG Studio in creating a stunning new collection of handmade tiles displaying their own unique flare and eclectic design style. The ‘Lovely Collection’ had its debut unveiling at the prestigious WOW House in Chelsea Design Centre recently and featured the reveal of the first design in the collection, the Graphic Moiré tile.  Graphic Moire was a tantalising taste of what’s next to come and was heralded a huge success. Set in The House of ROHL ‘Cave of Wonder’ where an immersive experience was embraced through texture and colour combinations the Graphic Moiré inspiration is based on 2LG’s passion for Italian design.

Jordan and Russell commented “This classic moire motif references rich watermarked silk and has been brought up to date with strong graphic lines. In an intricate making process, this tile design has 3 iterations, to be used in an organic mix creating a graphic patchwork of moire texture.”

This dazzling combination of vibrant cobalt blue and green creates a pallet of discovery leading on a journey of discovery and wonder from one end of the room to the other.

Graphic Moiré is offered in a choice of colourways as will the remaining tiles in the new collection, each design overflowing with the signature style synonymous with that 2LG creative magic.

More daring and delicious colour palettes in the Lovely Collection will be released shortly.